Meet our FruitRangers

Meet our FruitRangers

FruitRangers Jack and Lizzy are going on an adventure. They are traveling in their FruitVan to the tropics to look for the healthiest and tastiest fruits in the world. That’s not so simple, because where do you actually find the most delicious kiwis, mandarins and bananas? During their exploration, Jack and Lizzy are faced with various challenges and as genuine FruitRangers, they learn everything about all these types of fruits. Where do they grow, which vitamins do they contain, how is the fruit grown and harvested, how do the vitamins/fibres/minerals in these fruits contribute to your well-being…

Do you want to go on an adventure, just like Jack and Lizzy?
Become a FruitRanger and discover all the secrets of fruits

FruitRangers focuses on the following values:

  • Education
  • Adventure
  • Culture

FruitRangers focuses on children between the ages of 3 and 9.


Ripe kiwis are packed in punnets of 500 grams, in 40×60 boxes of 16×500 g. They also come in units of 8×500 g.

School-yard value

In the packaging we plan to routinely include things than can be used in the school yard. These will be items that school children can collect and trade.


We are busy developing small and eye-catching displays for positioning next to the cashiers to stimulate impulsive purchases.
Subtle marketing tools are under development for the fruits & vegetables department.


On the FruitRangers website – – you can read all about the adventures of Jack and Lizzy. You read what they learn and thereby learn about the various continents and seasons, and discover why fruits are so good for you.

Furthermore, the website contains other nice elements, such as:

  • colouring picture
  • advantures (only in Dutch language so far).