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Welcome to Berryfactor, the importer-packager where only blueberries and related berries are on the menu. A world where quality, innovation, and sustainability come together. In the dynamic fresh produce industry, fresh blueberries have become indispensable on the shelves of large retail chains.

Discover the power of Berryfactor and how we market this healthy type of fruit within the fresh produce sector.


Innovation and Quality: Our Own Machine

At Berryfactor, we commit to innovation and quality. Our advanced own machine enables us to guarantee the freshness and quality of our fruit, from the field to the store shelves. This technology underscores our commitment to delivering only the best for our customers.

blueberry smoothie
Country Period
1 January to June
2 February to May
3 July to September
4 July to March
5 November to March
6 October to January

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to quality extends to our packaging and delivery processes. We use advanced technologies such as the BBC Curo 12 and the Revolution XL Top Seal machine to ensure that every berry arrives in perfect condition, regardless of the destination. Our packaging solutions are both environmentally friendly and efficient, ensuring optimal protection and freshness.